L.A. City Hall Passes Straws-On-Request Initiative

Big news from Los Angeles City Hall for Earth Day 2019. Single-use plastic straws will now be available by request only at all food and beverage facilities in the City of L.A.!

Thank you L.A. City Council members Mitch O’Farrell and Nury Martinez for their leadership on the new city-wide Straws-On-Request ordinance.

“Straws on request is another step by the L.A. City Council to remove more trash from our waste-stream, a waste-stream that currently and historically flows through the communities I represent,” said Nury Martinez.

As of April 22, 2019, food or beverage facilities in Los Angeles that have more than 26 employees will be subject to compliance with the City’s Straws-on-Request ordinance. 

Under this ordinance, food or beverage facilities may provide a disposable plastic* straw to a dine-in or take-out customer ONLY if the customer requests one. Food or beverage facilities may not automatically provide a disposable plastic straw to drive-through or delivery customers, but may ask those customers if they want one.

All other food or beverage facilities must comply with the requirements of the ordinance by October 1, 2019. Licensed Health Facilities, as defined in Section 1250 of the California Health and Safety Code, are exempt from the requirements of this ordinance.

* Plastic straws include those made from or labeled “bioplastic/compostable/poly-lactic (PLA)”.

“Plastic straws endanger our marine wildlife and they foul our lakes, streams, and rivers,” said Mitch O’Farrell. “With our economy of scale here in L.A. and a phase out, all businesses and manufacturers can join the initiative and pioneer low cost, biodegradable, disposable products.”

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